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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, May 05, 2008

Just a hello from me. We had a good day yesterday. We are trying out a different church more local to us, it went well. It is where Danny grew up going to church. But it has ZERO kids programs, it has about 17 members age 60+ and about 2 kids that come (grandkids I suppose). Danny has felt led to come back here and work on the kids ministry for a long time now, and gas prices gave us the push we needed. So I emailed the Sun. school director a couple weeks ago and gave her notice I was leaving my class. She wished us luck and seemingly no hard feelings. So I have been verrrrrrry negative about trying this church out (as have the kids) but I felt very very comfortable and very welcomed there, they also went on and on how nice it was to have us there. This is the church that even gave Jordan that benefit that one time, and they've kept him on their prayer list for years. So its so hard for me to leave a church that has a growing active youth/kids for one with nothing but like I told Jordan this way we'll get to pick and choose what we want to plan and do I guess LOL. And I did feel as though that is where God wants us :) So its all good.

So after church came home, cleaned the pigsty and was just about to get all puffed up because I wanted to go fishing but was apparently going to only get to clean today but got done in time to drown some worms, fish were not biting one bit. Then home, clean up and head to Wal-mart for groceries (ouch) and then home again, put stuff away and started the Will Smith movie I Am Legend. Some skeery parts thus far, we only got to the middle which has a very sad part :( Then had to get to bed. I am on early 8 hr days Mon-Thurs this week (hate it) then 11-4 Fri. only because the younger two have IEP meetings at school Fri. a.m. I have a hundred phone calls to make, meds to get refilled and need to start making summer checkup appts. for Lovey but no time at all :( But the weather is soooo gorgeous I can't stay frowny long LOL.

Kids are all fine, hubby is fine, I am fine but tired. Waiting on our gov't check to catch up lawyer, finish bankruptcy and move, this limbo is grating on our nerves some but hurry up and wait thats the story of my life LOL. Love to all, xoxo melzie


LauraJ said...

I'm glad everyone is well! Hooray for that boosting check, it'll help boost everyone into better spirits overall. I hope the move goes smoothly. Most importantly I hope you stay sane! Smoochies!!

Randi said...

We loved the I am Legend movie! The saddest part is when the dog dies. I cried!

I hope your check comes soon!