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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


New kid in town

6 wks old, 1/2 beagle, 1/2 red heeler/australian cattle dog. The owner was going to kill them and someone rescued them and they nursed with her german shepherd mom :) That mom nursed her 5 and these 7. Good mommy doggie.

His name is Cooper :) I am open to ANY and ALL crate training or potty training advice. I didnt do well at all with the male poodle we had and I dont want to get attached again and have to give it up.

My puddy tats. My Rowdyboy has been missing over 2 wks now :( See the cool cat house I scored on someone's curb :)

Arent I sweet? ANd I am not cockeyed in real life. Or dirty, thats my reddish color.

xoxo melzie
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Bren said...

Cute pup!! His name fits. I have no ideas for potty training as I just cleaned up puppy poop myself! Let me know if you get any good tips.
I just filled out the slips for the draw tomorrow and you signed up for the binder, but not the big draw on the main blog. You can do both and win on both blogs. Just want you to know.

debbie said...

your puppy is SOOO cute!!! i am not much of an expert, but when we got our puppy we crate trained him. He stayed in his crate (den) most of the day and all night. they like to have *just enough* room. don't give him too much space. he will learn to keep his den clean and eventually the entire home. choose a spot outside for his potty area and take him their often. give him a treat for spending time their, then only when he pottys, then eventually not at all. i will ask dh for the website where he learned all this.

LauraJ said...

that's a cute little dog! sorry i'm not dog adviced trained. good luck! sorry about Rowdy boy!

Aunt Jenny said...

Cute cute pup!! I love puppies!! And big dogs too!! I am NOT any expert on potty training. I am glad my three dogs are all older and past that stage..but I do love puppies!!! Have fun!!

swooze said...

Cooper is adorable! Just put him in the crate whenever you are not around. If you see him drink or eat then put him out straight away and praise him alot when he goes to the RR outside.