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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, September 24, 2007


Our ladies thing was a HUGE success :)

I decided I needed better bell bottoms ;)

Are you feeling the luvvvvvvv?

Smile! I tied mood rings to each napkin bundle ;)

I had a really good time seeing all the era's represented by each table setting. The food was ok, the company great ;)

Been in a very bad funk/slump here lately :( Things seem very stressful although no OUTWARD huge issues going on. Just a house that piles up messes faster than I can clean them, weight piling on faster than I can lose it, bills piling up faster than I can pay them. I am apparently un-hirable. Not even fast food will hire me. The next thing on my list is convenience stores I guess. Its almost to give me a serious complex. I am very smart, very personable. Hubby says I am out of the workforce too long for the GOOD jobs to want me and I am OVERQUALIFIED for the fast food to hire me. I wouldnt mind working fast food, I loved it in and just out of high school :) I am very much a people person.

I am also horribley unhealthily overweight. My BMI is 35. My fat percentage is 54%. I have tried so hard to make a go of getting healthier and I do not have the willpower. Food is way WAY more than sustenance to me. I want to join one of our local gyms but I just cant justify the cost. If I had a part time job I would do it in a heartbeat. One of them has free joining fees thru the end of Sept. but its the next town (both of them are) and I cant justify 15+ miles a day (one way) just to work out. But thats where all the fast food places are too so if I were already in town WORKING..well anyways. Santa are you listening? LOL

Very special thank you to my friend Laura for helping me hippie out my jeans ;) welcome back to blogging girlfriend!

xoxo melzie
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Kim West said...

your hippie outfit was just cute. I hear you on the gym costs. I used to go to curves, but now that they don't have daycare where I live now, I can't justify the expense, daycare costs, and 20 minutes travel time. I am just going to walk.

LauraJ said...

there's an online thing called sparkpeople for the boost to lose weight. i haven't tried it but heard great things about it.
you've got a lot on your plate dear and it's not wonder you turn to food. i would to!
your pants look way groovy! you did great!

A Flowered Purse said...

It looks like a blast mel. and I think you look gorgeous!
Hope everything evens out soon

Gisele Schoene said...

Your hippie table is very nice, I can imagine eating there!
I totally understand your your situation about working out, it is something I can't do either! Ihave never been to a gym.
Good luck with your job search, I wish you find a nice one soon.

Shelina said...

Those jeans are groovy!
I'm so sorry about the challenging job search. I'm looking too - so I completely feel your pain about the overqualified / underqualified thing. I would have a hard time working at fast food because I'd probably want to eat way too much and wind up gaining weight. I think I'd want to work where I could get some exercise in (not that fast food doesn't have exercise) without the temptation - like delivering the newspaper or phone books or warehouse or factory work. Maybe a beauty salon, so I can hang out with the skinny people and learn from them.