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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, August 20, 2007

Misc. Monday Meanderings!

Happy monday! I am in a good mood in case you cant tell ;) Even though I woke up with a killer headache. I have this knot (swollen lymph node) on the back of my head that has hurt for like 2 mos now. Seriously that long, thru 2 flow cycles already. I use to get them when I was a teen and that would set off migraines but they never lasted long. Not like this. Its very very tender which is actually a good sign, non tender would be like cancer or something. Last month I had a swollen throat/ear on that side so I think its just fluid or infection. I need to try to make a dr. appt. I guess but with no ins. that is hard to do LOL.

Well I am back to the Mon. grind of cleaning up everyslobs messes. That gets old but I try to tell myself thats my job but still I cant help but wonder if I am not enabling a future generation of slobs (thanks alot Mom LOLOL). Speaking of my mom I havent seen her since last Wed, I need to go check on her :(

My washer is not working well.

I am starting a new diet TODAY :) I want to be healthier and feel better!

I sewed yesterday!

I got a new printer! I take over my new Sun. school class on Sept 3 (I am soooo excited!) and I am sending home newsletters with all the up and coming kids, and the ones staying in there just updating on new teacher, and some of the things we'll be working on. Maybe I'll inspire some of the other teachers to start this tradition because I for one LOVE knowing what my kids will be doing, and helping them memorize etc. My class will be working on learning the books of the Bible, and on perfect attendance.

Have you guys ever done the binder part of flylady? I am considering it, but I dont do well with schedules. I live and die by lists but schedules freak me out. I just dunno where to start though ackk I need some personal flybaby help...LOL

Did I mention my head hurts? I also have problems with my right shoulder (swollen lymph node is left side) but since this has been bothering me so has my LEFT shoulder. Go figure. So sore head, 2 sore shoulders, makes for not so comfy nights alot equalling not so great sleep. I made another appointment with the neuro over Lovey's surgery, and BLESSED ASSURANCE I GOT IT ON THE SAME DAY AS Lovey and Hawger's EYE DR APPT UP THERE. Wow thank you Lord. So we will consult with them and probably at the very least put the surgery off a couple weeks. That way we can still do the fair even if they wont let him ride we can go to the demolition derby, see the animals etc. Hubby and I seperately had both been having doubts about just jumping on the surgery bandwagon without more information etc. so this will ease both our minds. I feel better just having made the call :)

Ok this is getting long I'll close for now! Love and smooches, xoxo melzie


Bren said...

I definately do the binder part of flylady!! It is not a schedule..just a list of daily/weekly things youe HOPE to get to. It helps ALOT and actually de-stresses my life. You can also go to www.xanga.com/copperswife and check out her archives for her scheduling tips. She is awesome!!! Try a hot pack on the swollen tender area...as hot as you can stand it, for 2o min several times a day and up your vitamin C

LauraJ said...

big hugs melzie~ hoping the rest of your week is better!

Kim West said...

I do the binder part - in fact that is prety much all I do. It has helped me a lot since moving here. I will post about it in the next day so you can see what mine is like.

Aunt Jenny said...

I do the binder part, but have bad periods where I don't use it..like all summer!! I hope to get more back on schedule when school starts back up (TOMORROW!!) I am way off any sort of routine.
I hope your head feels better!!!
take care!!
Love, Jenny

Shelina said...

I hope you feel better Melzie.
I haven't done the binder part either - although I can see the benefits of putting all your important stuff in one organized place. As long as you don't lose it. :)
I have a calendar that I use - and on it, I have everything scheduled - even which room I'm cleaning, to change my furnace filter, oil change, etc. so in a way I guess my organizer is my "binder." I like checking things off, and if I do miss something, I can just delete the ones I didn't do so I'm not behind, or do it, whatever I want to do.

I think you should find a doctor you are not afraid to call for $ reasons. Is there a clinic or community center that offers services on a a sliding fee basis?