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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, July 16, 2007

Misc. meanderings at melzies monologue

Howdy faithful reader(s). :) How are you? I dont update here nearly enough but things are for the most part very boring. Which is a good thing. When high drama is going on I LONG for boredom :)

We are now in BIBLE SCHOOL WEEK! Last year I had my "ugly" week right in the middle of Bible school and as such didnt participate. I drove my kiddies but then just hung around the office. This week I am much more hands on, but so far just behind the scenes. My best church friend and I are doing registration, we've color coded everything to death LOL. I think he is still needing help with leaders, depending on if he actually found anyone I may volunteer for that also. Our theme is "Water Works" and it seems like it will be tons of fun :) I'm excited! I'm also excited, because due to a very tight week with bills it was coming down to either groceries for the week or gas for Bible school for the week (our church is almost 30 mi. from our house). Well my church stepped in and bought us a whole week's worth of groceries and delivered those last Thurs. :) My kids have told everyone how my pastor's wife brought us so much food! I mean absolutely everything we would need for a week plus. The only thing I had to go to walmart and get was lightbulbs this week LOL. That was a HUGE blessing and especially because now we get to go to Bible school!

Well Hubby, who pays for his hobby via scrap aluminum, cans, metal, and copper, raced last week. He's actually been placing well enough that his payout check brings in a little bit of cash even after weeks expenses. Here is his car.

My best church friend, here is her hubby's car. yes he got bit by the bug from MY hubby :) Her hubby made his debut this week! Suffice it to say it aint that purty anymore LOL. (click to make bigger he has an awesome paint job!)

And two pics of my big old furbaby Rowdyboy :)

Hope you are having as relaxed a week as he is!

xoxo melzie
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Pieces From Me said...

What an incredible blessing from your church! God is faithful to His own! Your Rowdyboy looks very comfy! Don't worry about boring posts! It is always a bleesing to hear from you!

Aunt Jenny said...

That WAS a great blessing! So glad you get to do the bible school thing and didn't have to make a hard choice!!
I am glad to see your new post..I check every day and have missed you!!
Have a great week!!!

Susan said...

I've been praying for you. I'm so glad both things worked out. I guess he'll have to keep the car if he's making money with it. =)

Rhonda said...

That kitty sure looks comfy! LOL