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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


OOOOOOOOOOOOOMYWORD Jon Bon Jovi. Be still my little teenage melzie heart :) I heart Jon Bon Jovi. Lots. Ok. Focus melzie focus ;)

PHIL- WOWSA! I love him more every week! Loved the whole overall performance and isnt his wife cute :) Loved his confidence :)

JORDIN- I AM LITERALLY LAUGHING OUT LOUD at her "my mom will DIE" comment LOL. This mom woulda died too. She did a halfway decent job. I cant hear her singing over MINE (wildchild is looking at me like I'm nuts...he said "I've never heard of him" SHOOOOOOO. Not her best but E for effort. ::Ryan looks like a shrunken head next to Jordin and her big hair::

LAKISHA- Dont like her outfit but when she started singing I never even noticed. I am LOL'ing when she said "well I saw him on Oprah" ;) That pink and grey shirt she was practicing in was purty. Very very good start to the song! Losing me throughout it...good finish though. Awwww at Simon! ::SWOON::

BLAKERS- LOVEEEEEE IT! He is SO original, the FUNNEST performance overall this season! I loved hearing Randy say the most original EVER on AI :) Too FUN. I loved how he combined the traditional with the original it totally worked :) He BLAKED it ;)

CHRIS- ::omgosh yall ITS JON BON JOVI! GACK!:: CHRIS- started out like a JBJ wanabee. I like the gritty sound more than the nasally sound from him ;) Sexy little camera look going on. No YO for me but wowsa he is cute tonight ;)

MELINDA- Ok I was worried yall. BUT SHE BROUGHT IT! Total YO factor! WHERE'd she dig up that SASSY side? She suprised me so much I couldnt take notes LOL. She is a REAL performer :) YO DAWG!

Ok now I am not sure how to pick my fave! I loved Phil, I loved Blake and I loved Melinda. Chris-not so much this week. Jordin DID not do it for me tonight. It was good to see KiKi back tonight. I predict Chris and Lakisha going home. :) LOVED it tonight :D xoxo melzie


kardel said...

"He looked like a shrunken head" That's funny. True, but very funny.

I love the use of Blake as a verb.

I hate to think of KiKi going home, (she's one of my favorites)but I still think she will go very far with her singing, even if she doesn't get the votes she needs.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Blake rocked. No question. I think Chris and Lakisa are goners.

Aunt Jenny said...

It WAS a good one! I especially liked Melinda! I think Chris and probably Lakisha are gone...will be fun to see!

Nancy said...

I think everyone did a good job tonight with maybe the exception of Jordon. BUT I don't think it was bad enough to send her home. I'm pretty sure Chris is going home this week. The other is a toss-up between Phil and Lakisha. And if there's any justice in the world Melinda will be the next Idol. She's way above the others in talent and stage presence. Although either Blake or Jordan have the ability to take it from her depending on the way the last few weeks play out. Any way it turns out I think all 6 remaining contestants will end up with careers launched as a result of this years competition.

Jenn said...

Great recap! It's so hard to let any of the idols go, especially 2 this week. It was good to see Blake in best form and I loved Melinda doing the "rock on" sign for the first time. Thanks for stopping by my TV Blog and commenting!

p.s. I made the poll from PollDaddy.com