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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

AI 3/20 TOP 11

Awesome show tonight :)

HALEY- woohoo! This girl is winning me over fast! To rise up like she has is great. Very flirty performance nice job :)

CHRIS R- Blah blah blah...better than the bobblehead though lol

STEPHANIE- seems off pitch, kinda blah. TOO practiced for me. Her comment of "Well I guess I could have more fun" seemed ridiculous. To "plan" to have more fun shows what her whole performance lacks...spontanaity.

BLAKE-YO! I LOVE this performance, I'd totally buy his music and I dont like hip hop at all LOL. He is cute, he is edgy, he is confident GO BLAKE!

LAKISHA- WAY out of her comfort zone tonight and it shows.

PHIL- my hawger man loved this one LOL. Very fun to watch, he looks very comfy on stage. Yay Phil is back :)

JORDIN=WOW very very good job :)

SANJAYA OH-MY-GAWSH. Make. It. Stop. I am cracking up. The crying girl. I am cracking up.

GINA-loved her performance tonight but her vocals werent there at all. She is so cute and sassy though.

CHRIS SLIGH- I am not a Chris fan. Enough said.

MELINDA- good job as always, I like how she points it all to God. But that said I didnt vote for her LOL.


Voted for-Gina, Jordin, Phil, Blake and Haley. I think my top 2 right now are Haley and Blake.

My boys' faves are
Lovey-Sanjaya (I officially declared Sanjaya a bad word at our house LOLOL)
Hawger-well he liked Phil tonight, but he usually likes Lakisha. He always says "She is a mom!" too sweet :) xoxo melzie

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A Flowered Purse said...

I agree with you melzie. I love Blake, hes such a good performer. Not just a good singer but over all good at dancing and just putting on a show. I LOVEEEEEEE him
xo xo