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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Lets boogie!

Yep thats me! My washer thawed and didnt bust yay yay woohoo :) This is the 3rd time this year its frozen and not busted! I attribute all that to prayer. Yes folks I PRAY pretty much without ceasing when my washer is frozen :) Hubby prayed this time too and well ya know where two are gathered ;)

For those enquiring as to my ebay link, I'll post it on here when I get some stuff on :) Probably be next week sometime thanks for being interested :)

Well we got our income tax refund, had a huge fight about it (money sheesh you'd think the love of it was the root of all evil or something). Anyways, once we sat down with pen and paper and actually COMMUNICATED (foreign concept here sometimes) we paid all our had to be paids, our bills are pretty much caught up, paid off our computer (yay!) etc we have about $800 left. So we decided to split that down the middle. COMPROMISE (another foreign concept we are embracing lately lol).

There's been a stomach virus here, Wildchild was up all night and morning visiting the porceline god. So far Lovey, Mom and Wildchild have succumbed. Hawger had a touch of it hopefully thats all and Hubby (evil laugh) is next LOL.

Wish my sweet lil Hawger man luck he goes Thurs. for his Kindergarten shots. (AND McDonalds AND new Hotwheel car he reminds me every time). I cant believe he'll be 5 in less than a month.

Well thats all folks :) Have a great Tuesday! xoxo melzie


Samantha said...

glad to hear the washer is okay- phew!

Ms. Jan said...

I'm feeling sorry for you guys out there freezing in the midwest. Brrrrrr. We've got the tummy virus in California too and I don't even want to leave the house! Had my share of it last year! Get well soon!

LauraJ said...

Nothing like prayer to keep that washer from dying! I fear the day my washer or dryer quit on me. They are both 7 or 8 years old.

Wendy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The pattern is by Indygo Junction and it's called "I love to Stitch".
I will be back to visit you again.

Shelina said...

I am glad your washer works. There are a few things here that I worry about from time to time, including my dryer, so I understand.
Congratulations on your big tax refund.
Hey Melzie, can you visit my friend Carol at Momma Marauder? She is a teacher - certified to work with special needs kids, and is a Christian. She is a new blogger, and I thought she would appreciate someone besides me to come visit her.

Clare said...

Yoh Melzie - things sound on the up!

JudyL said...

Hope the virus has done it's damage and has left your family! How did Hawger do with the shots?

Lisa said...

Praying all is well! *Smile*

Susan said...

Love the plaid background. Happy the washer defrosted safely. =) Must have been cold around there! I thought the washer was supposed to keep the pipes from freezing!

Sorry about the virus. That's the problem with having children - one gets something and drags it home to everyone. =) I prescribe Vitamin B complex for everyone for the rest of the winter!