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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hedgehog! Fabric info for what its worth :(

Ok this fabric is not coming up anywhere online. I called my mom and she gave the name of the line is "Memories of Japan", the one I bought was "B-2nd panel". Here is a picture of the selvede info (blurry but still non helpful)

The SKU# is 1873397

Keep in mind this is Hancock Fabric's the chain, not Hancock's of Paducah although just to be sure I did go there and look too. Sorry not more helpful! xoxo melzie


Susan said...

I take it you are trying to find this fabric. None of my usual sources have it either. The store where you got it is out? And they wouldn't call around for you? It's this year's fabric, so it ought to be at a Hancock's somewhere! The last one in Phoenix closed, as far as I know, and there's only one out on the west side, but we aren't going back there any time soon. =(

Hedgehog said...

Thanks for the info. Worth a try for such great fabric!!