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Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Melzie...This is your day!

Yep Its my party and I'll blog if I want to! Today is the day! I am ::gulp:: 32 today! Does that mean I am halfway to retirement? (as if SAHM's retire lol...we just become SAHgrandMa's probably)
Here is a picture of my mom! She was fixing to marry her first husband (not my biodad..he was already married OOPSIE lol). She was about 18ish here, and I was already two. She had me at 16yrs 2 mos. So yesterday Hawger was telling my mom "tomorrow is mommy's birthday" and my mom said "how old are you 36?" Uh...only i fyou had me at TWELVE and never told me ;-) LOL. I never ever met my biodad, he died of alcoholic heart attack at 29. I have brothers and a whole side of a family I've never laid eyes on...

Here is Melzie at what about 6 mos or so? I see the fat cheeks and pert snubby nose stuck around LOL

3 yrs old! Retained the double chin for sure ;-)

Me and my long lost cousins. In the background you can see the quilt all of us grandkids got one from my Nana. This was Mark's (middle). Chris is on the right. In a nutshell these boys made my rotten childhood bearable :) They treated me so NORMALLY. They left me in the woods one time! (taught me not to panic, and how to find my way back...turns out Mark never got out of eyesight. I was oh 3rd grade or so lol). They taught me to swim! (threw me in...said SINK OR SWIM SMELLY MELLY-taught me to dog paddle like a champ! Which I still do today). They put me out on a roof out a second story window one time and LOCKED THE WINDOW ;-) Taught me patience, and a healthy fear of heights LOL. Duct taped me to a bedpost and tickled me til I peed in my pants. I dunno what that taught me but its a fun memory to look back on now :) Sadly, 9 yrs ago when my Nana died we all lost touch with each other and I don't know if I'll ever see them again :( Breaks my heart...

Me as a big haired eye lined TEENAGER :) This is the night I went "across the river" (thats what Missourian's say when we go to Illinois lol) to Carbondale (hugeeeeeeeeee College town, SIU campus) with some older girls I worked at DQ with. My curfew was probably like 1am, I stayed out til DAWN. I was a good kid NEVER did that sort of thing. My Nana lived about 6 blocks from us, so I had my girlfriend drop me off there at dawn (she was up), I crashed asleep on the couch and she covered for me to my mom,said I had spent the night there :)

And here is my Nana sewing up a little pillow for Wildchild. This was about a year before she passed away. I miss her every single day.

Well that is only a teeny glimpse into what makes melzie tick :) My childhood was somewhat rotten but it was where God had me and it made me the person I am today so I wont complain much :) I am in a comfortable place in my life where I dont sit back and wait for someone to celebrate my birthday...I am enjoying this journey now! Every year I hope brings me a year wiser and more mature in my walk.

Hope YOU have a good day :)

Birthdays :)
xoxo melzie


RANDI said...

I LOVE the pictures you posted!

Have a happy day and enjoy your cake!

Amy P The Calico Cat said...


A Flowered Purse said...

Aw Happy Birthday Melzie! you were and are a hottie womanly!!! I love that hairstyle on you!!
Enjoy your special day and God sure knew what he was doing because you are so special!
love ya lots

computerpeach said...

happy birthday!

Swampwitch said...

I love the stories about your cousins and how they "taught" you some 'life lessons.' Hopefully, you'll be able to spend time with them again. Amazing what a death in the family can do to a family. Also, loved the story that your grandmother covered for you. Sweet!
Thanks for sharing. Some wonderful memories.

lrlwreath said...

Happy Birthday, love the pics!!

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie!!!!!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Melzie!

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday!

It must be a special day.......it is me and hubbies 9th wedding anny!!

Love and Hugs,

Jenni @ Fairybread said...

32! I'm 42! You can start worrying then. Hope you had a great day

debbie said...

Happy Birthday Melzie!!! btw the pic are great! i never had big hair, mine is too straight for that. Lol
Perhaps one day you could get back in touch with your cousins. You could try to contact them! i bet over time things have calmed down, if mom/dads influence has worn thin they may be ready for a reunion!?
I too have tons of half brothers/sister from my dad's many relationships with other women that i don’t know. Most of them hate me because of my mother. I got to meet a few of them in the hospital when my dad was ill. They liked me so well that no one told me he died. I found out because my mom’s sister read it in the newspaper. He only came around when he didn’t have anything better to do, so I didn’t know him that well anyway….

NANCY said...

WOW HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MELZIE:) I am so happy and proud to know somebody like you!good people like yourself do not come so easily everywhere!HUG YOURSELF TODAY!You are SPECIAL!LOVE YOU LOTS

Shelina said...

That was really nice autobiography about yourself, and I enjoyed reading it. I think your cousins taught you the value of laughter by tickling you.
My grandmother passed away last year, and my family is going through the distribution process too. She didn't have much, but there are 10 children to share, living in different countries, and each have a different idea about how things should be split - by need, by protigeniture (oldest boy gets stuff), equally, by who took care of her most, etc. Why they didn't ask her while she was alive, I will never know. They knew she was going for a long long time.

Grim Reality Girl said...

Happy Birthday!!!! I love the pics too!!!

Ama said...

Happy Belated Birthday Melzie.