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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, September 18, 2006


Woohoo I love Amazing Race! I love Phil Keoghan! I love fast fwds and roadblocks! This episode was awesome (they should all be 90 min long lol). The surprise elimination, keeping everyone on their toes now. That Sarah (amputee) seems as if she is going to play the handicapped card when she can but hey whatever works LOL. I cried when she got to the top of the wall! I thought there is NO WAY she can do that... I also loved the single moms and the KY wife getting up there. I am a sucker for fat mommas like me ;-) Usually the "mom" teams fall behind fast but these AL girls kept up good! No one sticking out I dont like yet, so thats good. My faves are the ones mentioned, the moms, the KY coalminer team, and the others I'll wait and see :) Oh the cheerleaders! They I think are going to be stronger than expected. We'll see :) So far the brothers and the best friends from rehab (LOL) seem physically pretty strong. So..what did ya think?

FOR THE RECORD BJ & Tyler will always be my favorites :D
xoxo melzie


Andrea said...

I saw part of this episode. I just saw all the groups. I saw them take off that 7:00 thing or whatever. I don't know what they were doing, just saw it as hubby was flipping past.

Andi said...

I agree with you! I *loved* seeing the KY mom and the single moms get to the top of the wall! But, the beauty queens and cheerleaders get on my nerves.

Thanks for playing in the Baby K contest!

Swampwitch said...

I don't watch Amazing Race, so I can't answer your question.
But, I was successful in putting a link to you on my "Winners" post about "What Is This Man Doing?" contest.
And, thanks for noticing the dogs were Boxers. Good eye.

debbie said...

We love the amazing race! What fun to add twists to the show! I really liked the Indian couple! I felt bad they were eliminated! The other guys i have no comment! I can’t believe they are from Cleveland! .....I was so proud that Sarah made it to the top of that rope! She is awesome!! Who cares if she plays the handicap card! She is one tough cookie!