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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Quilt on the loose

I am exTREMELY disconcerted at the thought of a 5-6 foot snake in my alley. A skinless one (joking lol). Seriously though OMG mice, spiders, turtles, frogs, snails, slugs and now SNAKES BLUCHHHH!

And what snakes hang out in trees this far up in SE MO?

Well I am learning something this week. Quilts are what they want to be, not always what WE want them to be! I started wanting to make a very small quilt block for quilted coasters for a friend having a rough week. And next on my quilty agenda (besides that) was to be churn dashes. WELL SHOO-FLY took over! I've made 2 blocks, and today pulled washed and ironed to make more. I really dont think they even MATCH omgosh I am SO a coordinating person. This quilt has a mind of its own and I am in shock. How come no one warned me of tempermental quilts?!

I remembered the other thing I wanted to blog about, well 2 more. One is on Hawger's 1st day, hubby brought home a card for Hawger and for me :) Hawger's says "My little boy is big now, hope you enjoyed your first day of school" :*) Mine said "hope you werent too sad today I was thinking of you. AWWWWW come on all together now AWWWWWWWWWWWW :) sweet guy.

The other was, I am starting to TRY to let Lovey have a bit of freedom. I let him get a library card this summer and usually he ONLY gets to go with Wildchild. 2 times now I let him walk by himself (its a 4 block straight shot). Well hubby and I were on the porch swing the last time and LOVEY GOT DROPPED OFF. Yes, he TOOK A RIDE. Now GRANTED I did know the guy (a cattycorner neighbor) and hubby has known him forever BUT LOVEY HAD NO CLUE WHO HE WAS. He only said "well he said he knew you dad". O M G I got a chill. NO MORE for him, he is BACK to the apron strings for sure. Had a very long discussion but I doubt it sunk in. sigh.

Pic of me I thought was halfway decent :)

That it WAS neighbor and NOT a psycho that picked up my child
sweet sentimental hubby :)
a cooler spell...Im SO ready for fall
quilts that have a mind of their own ;)

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Leah S said...

Ick, that snake skin sure gives creepy thoughts... if it can get that high in a tree, how high can it go in a house?

And yes, my parents once found a snake in their house, a tiny foot-long blue garter snake. It could have easily slithered in under the door. It was thrilled to be out in his natural habitat again, after we dumped it off the hillside. :)

computerpeach said...

OMG - how scary - I would have been ballistic. Sometimes apron strings are good - how old is he?

RANDI said...

Ok, the snake thing is freaking me out--if they can climb trees, how am I going to escape from one if it is in my yard???

Cute pic, Melzie! You have a sweet smile!

thefrogpryncess said...

Beta is okay, but I miss the search function on top of my posts. I'll get used to it, I think.
As for quilts having a mind of their own...well, that's the nature of the beast.

Patti said...

Is that really a snake? Or what's left of a snake? I could never live where there were more than the harmless little garter snakes we have around here that are hardly ever seen.

I'm so glad Lovey is OK - what a scary thing to have happen!

Andrea said...

OMG I can't believe he took a ride from somebody he didn't know!

A Flowered Purse said...

I love love love it melzie welzie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Its so bootiful!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry about the snake Shiver me timbers LOve ya

Susan said...

The Shoo-fly blocks are lookin' good! Is this a scrappy quilt, then? It's only one more step to churn dash. You could even mix them together. Wonder what that would look like, for secondary patterns?

The good part is Lovey was okay. Perhaps you need to have a talk with your neighbor, too, about offerring rides to your children. He meant well, but it wasn't a good idea.

95% of the time, people are good. It's unfortunate that we have to watch our for the other 5% of the time. =(

No_Newz said...

Are you losing weight? Looks like you are in the latest picture. Decent indeed.
I'm glad you put Lovey back on the strings. Now, if this is to happen again, tie the apron strings around that child's neck. LOL! What? It helps. LOL!
As far as them snakes go, could be part 2 of the blockbuster Snakes on a Plane, Snakes in Melzie's Tree! :D
Lois Lane

Ann said...

HE did WHAT? geez, can't believe how kids will do such stupid things, even after we drill and DRILL and DRILL some more, things into their heads. I'm happy for you it was a kind neighbor and everything worked out ok.