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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Notes from mommy now lol

Lovey, my special needs son

Wild child, the elusive almost teen son

How Hawger and I spent his last morning at home :)

Hawger and I in Feb. wow looking now I can see that I've lost weight for sure. I have lost about 15 lbs since last Nov. I am holding steady right now waiting for cooler weather to start walking again. My hair has grown about 5 in. since Feb also!

WELL Hawger had his first day. the first words out of his mouth were "awe you heawtbwoke yet mommy?" It was not as sad as I expected, being distracted by a flat tire AND the truck battery missing probably helped some. Plus the fact that I had already been sad for a month and cried several times :) It didnt go as I planned but I didnt panic, the bus was perfect timing :) He met a boy named Reece he told me, and he ate cookies for snack. And the teacher read a story about a shark on his first day of school eating the teacher. Odd LOL.

I had at least 2 other things I was going to mention on my blog and now I cant remember them LOL. Need to start making bloggy notes throughout the day.

I do have a quilty question, when a pattern calls for muslin do you use it? I had bought some and washed and dried it yesterday. I tried then to iron it. O M G no way it feels ugly and rough and IT WONT IRON the wrinkles DO get flat but you still see them :( I hate it!

Oh I do remember one thing, a couple mos. ago I mentioned getting hubby's aunt's fabric after she passed away. What had caught my eye about it was what I was sure was genuine feedsack fabric. But being almost somewhat totally ignorant about it I wasnt sure. My mom and I were looking thru it Sat. night and she was all excited sure it was also, well one of the fabrics had a very little Empire logo mixed in with the print. Sure enough I was able to find a website with feedsack with that logo! I was super excited :) Of course what to do with it? Sell it? Hoard it? I doubt I'll ever sew with it its very rough and grainy. Will it sit in my closet til I die? LOL who knows! I'll snap some pics. Had to fill up these posts with kiddie pics.

So I think when the fabric depression is over I will just buy some somewhat muslin colored cotton. I was icky not impressed with that wrinkly stuff.

Well I better get off here and do something constructive. I have 2 libraries books to find for me and 3 kids, and laundry to do, rooms to clean, miles to go before I sleep ;)

God working out our plans yesterday :)
Washers and dryers
Feedsack REPRODUCTIONS which are much nicer feeling LOL
have a great Tuesday! xoxo melzie Posted by Picasa


The Calico Cat said...

muslin question... I use what ever fabric I want! (I am tending to not like WOW/COC type fabrics.)

thefrogpryncess said...

If I buy muslin, I get the more expensive, better quality stuff. I tend to like Kona Cream better, though.

Ann said...

hiya Melzie!!Finally finding time to catch up on my blog reading!
Great looking boys.I remember my kids first days of school.....2 totally different reactions! So long ago! ***sigh
Pinwheel is looking good, too! Keep up the good work!

Kim said...

"awe you heawtbwoke yet mommy?" OMG that is too cute!!!

I thought of you today when I was at the thrift store. There was a buttload of fabrics that looked so nice. I did't get them because I'm broke, but hey..... I did think about it!! LOL!!!!

Susan said...

That's a great book! Don't Eat the Teacher. Always one of our favorites in K and 1st. Even my second graders would go back and read it. There's something about it that appeals to children. =)

As for muslin, there are lots of different ones. I've had pricey awful ones and cheap good ones. I use the 98 cent stuff from JoAnn's for embroidering blocks for redwork. When washed and pressed, it is wonderfully soft and perfect for embroidery. Look for permanent press muslin, too. Or buy any background you like.

Hancock's online sells a Moda cream in 15-yard bolts for a reasonable price. Maybe go together with a couple of friends?

Patti said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures of your kids.

There are many different qualities of muslin. What you describe sounds like a low thread-count inexpensive muslin - I wouldn't use it either. Very nice quality muslin is available that washes beautifully. I guess it depends on what you are using it for. If you are striving for an authentic looking 30's quilt then you need to use muslin. If that isn't your goal then any off-white muslin colored fabric should work just fine - like Kona Cream or Kona Snow.

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