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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Friday, August 04, 2006

KISS or Gene Simmons wanabee? LOL

Just sharing my KISS impersonating cat. Isnt that hilarious?

Here's a more normal looking pic of Sassy whom I think is now growing such as to not be named Sassy but something more like Manny

And my lil brown eyed boys with sweet lil grins :)

Well I've been doing some quilty stuff. I got Hawger's quilt top done, waiting for a batting sale to come along now. I have a lil pretty girly baby quilt about 1/3 machine quilted. Still not bought any fabric :) There is a booksale at our library today I am going to go check out though. I started a new photo blog, if you want to drop by here is the link Melzie's Fotologue. I think I've also got where you can go to my profile and find both blogs.

Funny of the day~The other day while endlessly cruising thru walmart parking lot for the perfect spot., we spotted an older (very) lady who was aimlessly wandering around. I said OMG she looks just LIKE the where's the beef lady (hat, dress etc). Hubby said "want me to roll down my window and ask her WHERE'S THE CAR?" I LOL'ed :) My kids of course did not get it LOL.

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fall (soon!)
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xoxo melzie


Patti said...

Maybe your kids didn't, but I did - I LOVE it!

cdorsey said...

Love the picture of the cat/Gene Simmons. LOL.

And the boys...they are too cute.

I too am thankful for fall, but when will it be here?


Jackie said...

How funny. I remember the where's the beef lady.......but was it Wendy's? Can't remember that part!

Love the silly kitty too!

Have a super weekend!


Susan said...

It was Wendy's! That first cat picture is too good, especially with the Kiss photo next to it!