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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, August 14, 2006


Yesterday I took my 4 yr old from his Sun. school room to Children's church and he had this crown on! He used to always say he was the "princess". So I asked him that. He said "NO I AM KING RIPOFF". O M GOSH I was dying. I said WHO he said again "King Ripoff". Well his SS teacher is also children's church leader, so I brought him to her and said "son tell Mrs. S who you are" She about busted a gut :) (Btw they learned about King AGRIPPA ;)

Kitty kisses!

A reminder not to forget the little things :)

There is an excellent post at Rocks In My Dryer that is WELL worth the read. I am SO SO stressing over my baby going to school (1 short week!). I had really believed God was giving me a desire to homeschool last year but unfortunately my DH wasnt tuning into that message as well lol. So if you can pray for resolution of that one way or another. Church was very good yesterday! The momma loved the baby quilt. Now to get binding on the other almost done baby quilt, as I am watching that lil girl (9 wks) half a day on Wednesday so I need her quilt done :)

Funny of the day (as if king ripoff wasnt funny enough ;)
A couple of Saturdays ago all of us were up and out early going to the flea mkt. However the sun was (and because I dont EVER get out early in the a.m. hrs lol) I thought it strange that the birds kept flying towards our van narrowly missing it. Finally I said "whats wrong with those dumb birds?" Like 5 min. later hubby says very seriously "those birds arent as dumb as you think they are" I said why? (he is so DEADPAN in his humor I never know lol) He said "They've been on line for years" HA HA he's a laugh a minute :D

Laughs with hubby
Laughs with son
A celebration of a very longed for baby yesterday :)
Decreased stress lately within my immediate family
EXCELLENT church services yesterday. EXCELLENT song service last night (It is Well With My Soul, love that song)

Have a great Monday! xoxo melzie Posted by Picasa


Laurel Wreath said...

Great read to start my Monday. I love the King RipOff =)) Just tell him not to go into advertising, ha!!

RANDI said...


I always think that it is much more important for wife/hubby to be in agreement about the school decision! I have friends who have talked their hubbies into homeschooling although hubby is not very supportive and, honestly it doesn't work very well. Keep praying, even if it takes a long time, the decision to homeschool is bestmade together!


Susan said...

King Rip Off is fabulous! =) Your DH has a good sense of humor.

God will take care of your baby at school. =)

cdorsey said...

Cute stories. Love the King Agrippa story.

I feel ya on the homeschool situation. Every May I said I was going to homeschool the following year. There were always battles at school and I hated taking the girls! My husband wasn't strongly opposed, but opposed none the less until we moved to a large city (we had always been from podunk places before) and the girls were just culture shocked. So, I started homeschooling last year (ages 13, 16, and 17.)

Suggestions. DON'T WAIT. It's been tough to deprogram what they learned out there. I wish I would have started at the beginning. However, don't buck your husband. Find some successful homeschoolers in your town and introduce them. What I get alot now from family friends... "I guess all homeschoolers aren't weird after all". Expose him to the not weird. LOL!


debbie said...

Homeschooling really is worth it! I have 5 children, I home school 4 the 5th will be 1 in two days. I never *wanted* to HS my husband encouraged me to. Our school dist. is not really great, one of the lowest in the state. I doubt myself every day, but the test scores prove they learned something! btw your quilts are beautiful!!

Dawn said...

Love that flower pic! Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Please come back real soon, ya hear??