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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, July 27, 2006


I GOT MY SWAP BLOCKS DONE :) I honestly never thought that day would come lol. I got 12 of a reasonably close enough to 12.5 size, and have 20 yes TWENTY left over for my own benefit that are closer to 12 in. Here they are laid out.

A closer up

See that hint of olive green? I am wondering if I should sash and border with that. I dont have any in my stash to try out and for now will probably shelve these after allllllllll the headache involved :) I cant wait to get my swap blocks! (scrappy with COC to tie them together)

I've now started on a quilt for Hawger :) bright colors and fencerails. He's fascinated to watch me work on it. I'll share a pic soon!

In other subjects, the quilt rings (stash and maverick) are both down and I dont get my blog fixes very well. I have some saved in my favorites but there are literally about 150 blogs there its hard to wade thru them all lol.

Its almost August, my kiddos start back to school Aug. 16 and Aug. 21. I have one going to junior high this year and one starting pre-k. Middle son stays in his school a couple more years. I cry every year on the first day of school. I cry on the last day of school LOL. Crybaby is me. Have a great day today!

Mr. Clean
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Shelina said...

Those are cute blocks. Good thing you won't have to match points. There seems to be a secondary pattern going with the background fabric which is very cool.

Jackie said...

THe quilt looks really good! I finally found some fabric with a bulldozer on it! We have a quilt store up here that has everything! (Laura Bush went to visit it) but I had forgotten. I am so excited!!!

Have a super week,

Mrs. Moody said...

Thanks for the comment! I had to surf on over to your site so that I could read it as well.

Susan said...

What great colors - those would look way cool with an olive fabric. Getting blocks back is the best part of swapping. I have to make some Shoo-Fly blocks by mid-August - brown and COC. When I got my RR back, there was a great piece of brown batik or hand-dyed, can't remember which. Maybe I'll use that on my blocks.

I still remember the day my older one went off to kindergarten the first time. He seemed so grown up! The younger one, I don't remember first day. But I remember the time he was really sick and wouldn't stay home, wanted his perfect attendance card - the teacher let him lie down behind the bookcase all afternoon! He got perfect attendance through 8th grade! Then he dropped out in tenth. Go figure that one out! He got his GED, though.