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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, July 31, 2006

One of those days already!

I knew it was one of those days at midnight-oh-one. Yes I was still awake. Saw one-oh-one, two-oh-one..well you get the picture. Alarm was set for four-fifty or so. Add to that babysitting two lil girls who liveeeeeee to antagonize my guillable little boys and OHMIGAWSH. Just call me the referee lol. I think I was up all night due to difficulty communicating with my hubby lately. I talk talk talk does he listen NOOOOOOOOOOO I think he hears WAH WAH WAH WAH like on Peanuts. SIGHHHHHH.

Then while fixing lunch, I had the smoke alarm go off..not once but TWO TIMES lol. Once for the pizza's getting a little done on edges, once for the pizza BOX sitting on the burner I turned on (oopsie lol meant to do the back one!). I also smelled a funk in my kitchen so I put baking soda sprinkled (very liberally lol) in my drain. I let it sit a bit then poured vinegar in SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it almost EXPLODED lol. I got tickled and called the kids in and did it again ;) Gotta have my fun! LOL

I visited a new church yesterday, not because of dissatisfaction (although I am) but because our home church is 30 miles away, and this is 3 blocks away, and on Wed. night they do things with the kids and youth. Well yesterday was when the kids/youth got to put their own service on..so I went. It was different. It was 3 blocks away LOL. They did not do things like I am use to but IT WAS 3 BLOCKS AWAY. I was home BEFORE noon (usually its close to 1pm). I used maybe 50cents worth of gas. Its a thought. They had a teenager do the preaching, I may visit again and hear the regular preacher. Our church has ZERO for youth.

Its a million degrees here today...hows your weather? Sorry I cant think of anything cute or inspired to blog today all I can hear is spongebob and kids fighting ackkkkkkkk. (I'm ready I'm ready for Bible school tonight LOL)

Pretty rose I took during a sprinkly rain the other day.

Roses :)
Phone calls from SWEET church sisters
New blog visitors yay I feeeeeeeeel the love
Days that get better and better despite a wrongsideofthebed start :)

xoxo melzie


Andrew said...

Wow! With that "Comment Already!" picture, how could I NOT stop and say howdy? What can I offer... let's see ... well, it sounds like you could really use a vacation. Maybe you'd be interested in my Vacations and Families and Couples, Oh My! series. Or if not, I hope you have a great day!

To Love, Honor and Dismay

A Flowered Purse said...

Im gonna nail my bed to the ceiling so i can just fall out LOL
sorry about the smoke detectors sugar pie
Love ya and I love the pics

cdorsey said...

Very cute. It may have been a bad day for you, but you put a funny spin on it and put a smile on my face. Thanks.