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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Few edits =)

Well one thing I edited was my kids names OFF my blog. I got a little uncomfy with the level of information I was disclosing, and they will hereafter remain nicknamed only =)

Also edited MY SEAM ALLOWANCE lol. I am participating in my FIRST SWAP and got 24 blocks done and they were TOO SMALL. I was actually doing 1/2" instead of 1/4". Live and learn!

I have had a few more visitors to my blog lately YAY =) I am one of those EXTREMELY insecure people and I try to stay in the blog box in alot of ways and it aint happenin LOL. Fastest way for me to freeze up is to put boundaries up. Not only in blogland but also IRL. I have a myspace, link is over ~~>there somewhere under my mug. Stop by, if you have a myspace lemme know maybe I'll add ya ;-)

Yesterday we went 12 hrs with NO electric. Yes my fridge food was a total loss, freezer was ok though. Luckily it was Friday; that means meager pickings in the fridge anyways LOL. See FINALLY being poor paid off!

Read a SNOOZER book this week~Danielle Steel's Coming Out. YAWN YAWN dont waste your eyesight reading it. Now reading one about an abused wife running away with her daughter and befriends a small town sheriff. I'll let you know how it comes out. I read a book earlier this week (I'll post that name if anyone is interested) it was very good, but the part I found funny (peculiar funny not haha funny) was one of the main characters was a gay man...who was domestically abused. I never considered that happening in a gay relationship. I guess there are abusive son of a guns everywhere but man that took me by surprise. (Yes small town girl broadening horizons I guess) =) Things that make you go HMMMM huh? Have a great weekend! xoxo melzie


Shelina said...

Congratulations on being brave enough to do your first swap. And good for you for checking your work and figure out what you were doing wrong. Lots of lessons to learn in quilting, but very rewarding.

Susan said...

Everyone makes mistakes. After almost 40 years of quilting (I started in the cradle - ha!) I still get things so messed up I toss them out. =) My friend, Moira, gets some of my usable mistakes and uses them in Sunshine quilts or Quilts 4 Cancer. I find it handy to have some kind of charity around to help me out of these situations. =)

No_Newz said...

Good call on changing the kids' names here. Obviously Lane 1 and Lane 2 aren't my kids' real names either. I was going for a Thing 1 and Thing 2 feel, since they are so nutty! :)
Have a groovy day!
Lois Lane