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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday musings :)

Been a little while since I posted, thought I would send an update :)First off, Hawger got his cast off today! they had said last time he'd get a half cast but after looking at the x-ray said it was ok to have no cast! He goes back in 3 wks for a checkup. He is doing really good, talking better. He says he wants to go to Headstart & Pre-K both next year. He will get 30 min. of Speech therapy and 60 min. of occupational therapy at school next year.

Luvey is doing good, he is GIRL CRAZY (only 9 yrs old!). He got several bad grades on his report card this year and will go to summer school 3 wks in June. Baseball still in full swing (between thunderstorms of course).

Wildchild, well he's getting that teenager mouth on him (13 in Nov!). He knows our buttons and keeps them pushed DAILY lol. He begged incessantly to switch from clarinet to trombone and Hubby finally gave in and let him AND OMGOSH I HATE IT its horribly annoying to listen to. I dunno if we'll keep it or not LOL. Still playing baseball too, and yes, summer school for him too.

Hubby & I are crabby, stressed, BROKE more strapped for money than we've ever been. Our cell phones got shut off, and our regular phones (+ internet) are right behind it. We got a foreclosure notice on our house in the mail but he sold the go-karts and paid those up. Our van is probably going to get repossesed...we shut our satellite off last month. I am pinching pennies constantly, and there's no relief in sight. I have found two girls to babysit part time this summer but have had no luck finding anymore than that. Its a catch-22 situation because of Luvey's disability and the kids' medicaid, it actually costs us for me to work. So who knows but its wearing on us very hard. I've never been more worried about finances than I am right now.

Still have Fraser, I'm still on the fence about selling him or no. All the kittens went to good homes this weekend. (ad in the paper worked like magic). I havent been doing anything but worrying about money and cleaning house. No quilty stuff at all :( I just cant sit still long enough to work on anything :(

My mom is about 75% moved out (she's never said where she's moving to and I didnt ask) Its an awkward situation but I'll ultimately be relieved when she's moved out, it will save a bit of money (water, electric, soap, laundry soap etc) plus make a lot of room.

Hubby had borrwed a Hee Haw dvd from a friend at work, we watched it Friday night and laughed like idiots! The kids laughed...at the program or at mom and dad I am not sure ;) Too funny!

Guess I will close this up :) Hope all the mom's had an excellent mother's day, I got several homemade cards and some pretty storebought ones as well. I'm trying not to worry, God's still in control :) have a good week! xoxo melzie


Jackie said...

Sorry things look so dismal! Have you ever seen the footprints saying? I keep it on my walls, fridge, everywhere, just to remember that God is in control! It is hard to let go, but he is there to catch you!

Love ya,

RANDI said...

Hi Melz,

I will be praying for you and I will wait together with you to see how God chooses to answers our prayers!

(((HUGS))) for you!