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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Playing catch(up)

Man I feel like I am behind never to catch up to anything again. Its so HUMID already, we went from winter to summer seems like. We are so broke, we are so behind. Who knows how/when we will catch up but I am not going to worry I am going to pray :) My house shooooooo since Hawger broke his leg I cant do more than 10 min. at a time on ANYTHING, I am wore completely out. Had to run 30 min. south for Luvey a dr appt today and then home, then after lunch go 20 min. NORTH for his braces appt. They go back to school tomorrow. I am going to get housework done early in the morning before it gets too hot. our bills are way WAY too high to even CONSIDER the a/c. Maybe in June or July not APRIL for sure. Its unreal. Baseball games starting this week so that will get us out in the cooler night air :) My favorite time of year yay :) Last year I made it til Mid July before turning on the a/c, then it broke after less than 2 wks. Took a couple more weeks or so to get our new one...so almost August before we had good cold air LOL. I dunno if I'll make it that long but I always shoot for June at the very very least. We'll see.

A/C waiting when I need it :)
Fans for now
Baseball season
A new pretty flowery fold up chair to sit in at the baseball games!
Phone calls from friends

xoxo melzie


Finn said...

It sounds like a plan to me..*S*..just keeping doing what you can, where you are, with what you have, and hope for a good outcome! *VBS8 All a person can do is the best he/she can.

And I think you are..*VBS* Hang in there melzie ! This too, shall pass. But I do know that sometimes it seems like something is coming at you from every direction. I have no answers for that one, except to hang on. Even today, with my kids grown and gone, there are times I still have to do "that". Hugs, Finn

RANDI said...

How is your little guy doing? It sounds like he is keeping you busy!

Here are a couple of purse tutorials, I meant to give these to you a while ago but I forgot!



I have made the first one--it comes out very cute--easy to make. I would like to make some out of wool for the fall/winter.

The second one is similar to the ones I make. I would definitely interface both fabrics. I use DecorBond on mine--it is at Walmart for $2.50 per yard.

Let me know if you are going to try one of them!

This blog has some tutorials for bags too--just look on the right sidebar:


Have fun!