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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, April 17, 2006

New Mercies

Good morning! Its a gorgeous, beautiful morning in SE MO today :) Easter was good, it only sprinkled rain overnight Sat. night so bunny hid eggs, kids found eggs :) Bunny brought the Narnia movie on DVD. The kids are still on spring break until Wed. they are watching their movie this morning. I already have 90% of my housework done, just doing laundry and I am going to work on QUILTS today no matter WHAT (better not say THAT lol).

Had a horrible week last week but praise God for His mercies that are new every morning, or every HOUR if need be lol. I "name and claim" that promise this week!(or this HOUR). Things in my life tend toward either trauma or drama no matter how I try to avoid it. My stepson moved out this weekend...which seems to lead my mother to believe now she doesnt have to. Uh I dont think so. She is the majority OF my trauma and drama. I LONG for, I YEARN for a simple life. I tell Danny all the time I'd be happy in a trailer on a dirt road rather than all this stress and worry over bills, wayward teens, wayward mother, wayward everything. I need simplicity, I need BORING!

Picture today from a simpler time in my life. Yes I grew up with my mom heaping coals of trauma & drama on me but when I got to go to my cousins, or they came to my grandparents in the summer it was like pure magic. My aunt called me her baby girl (she only had the boys) and I was so special there :) of course the BOYS didnt treat me special, they taught me to dog paddle with the "sink or swim" method, they put my floaties on upside down on my feet once (ack I thought I'd drown! LOL) lots of good clean tormenting going on there ;) but it was so NORMAL and so UNCOMPLICATED. Here we are after a day of fishing, Chris (oldest) on the left- little girl Melzie in the middle (or smelly melly as they called me LOL)-and Mark on the right. After my Nana died our family had drama and trauma over "stuff" and now my aunt and that whole side of the family wont speak to us :( Its heartbreaking, its so so sad, between my Nana and my aunt thats all that kept me going thru my childhood, I pray constantly they'll contact me. I did get a classmates.com hit from my cousin Chris' wife but it never panned out to a real contact. They've moved and have unlisted phone numbers (Las Vegas) but God willing I'll see them all again. Here's the pic :)


Old picture boxes
3 bags of free hand me down clothes for my boys
Easter eggs
CS Lewis
my blogger friends :)

Be blessed today! xoxo melzie


No_Newz said...

My hope today is that Smelly Melly has a great week with no drama or trauma. You kids were too cute! :)
Lois Lane

Finn said...

a really sweet picture, mel. Boxes od old photos are so much fun, my sisters and I have been sharing what each of us brought forward in life with us.
As the oldest sister, I'm the only one who actually KNOWS which baby pics are of which sister...LOL

Hang in there, and keep looking for that silver lining..like the old song, "it isn't raining rain, you know, it's raining violets"..*VBS*

A Flowered Purse said...

aww melzie, you are like me, Yearning for just quiet. Peace. None of this hullaballo all around.
OHHHHHHHH My on the swimming I would freak out!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss ya sugar