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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, April 24, 2006


OK first off let me EMPHASIZE how broke we are. Since getting the gas shut off we also (voluntarily) shut off the satellite. I am also going to downgrade our phone bill (i.e take off the call id etc) but anyways :) We had sold Luvey's go kart and bought the kids all their baseball stuff. EXCEPT Wildchild's cleats (Luvey cant wear them). Well I've been waiting and waiting on child support to come (of course never comes when I am NEEDING something). FIRST GAME IS TONIGHT! Well Wildchild is the only one at all the practices with NO cleats yet. So last week I told my best friend Tammy, GIRL PRAYYYYYYYYYY PRAYYYYYYYYYY for cleats because there is NO WAY we have the money! So I waited and waited, was going to take grocery money Sat. night but with his toothaches Danny didnt feel like going. So yesterday between Sun. School and church time I went over to a (much richer than me) lady that I dont chit chat a whole lot with, just to say hi (dunno what made me!) and we talked and out of the blue she said "well..do you need anything?" I said "well................actually yes, I do need some size 9.5 or so cleats" (normally I'd just say no I dont know of anything kwim?) She turned to her DH and said "oh do you still have those cleats" SO I got a pair of gently used, size 10 Nike cleats for FREE! GOD IS SO GOOD that was ONLY a God-incidence :) No way for it to be anything but an answer to prayer! I've told everyone about the cleats God gave to us this week :D Just in time for his first game tonight :D Sharing a pic below of me and my boys :) XOXO MELZIE
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Finn said...

So happy that things worked out that way for you...faith and belief in our faith is a wonderful thing. *VBS* glad he will have what he needs for this first game..*S*

No_Newz said...

Man I love when his plan fixes stuff! Rock on sista! You make a beautiful family. (reaches to pinch Johnny Rotten's cheeks) LOL! Have fun and good luck to the team!
Lois Lane

Askinstoo said...
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Jackie said...

God is so great!!!!! Glad everything is working out!

Love and Hugs,