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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, April 22, 2006

I was tagged :)

Yay I am it! Thanks to FINN who tagged me for "6 Weird things about myself" LOL. By the way Finn, my MIL just TODAY had me cracking up over her worm phobia! I love worms! Too funny :) Ok on to my 6 things~

1) I have to have things "squared". Be it rugs or boxes or books on tables, have to have to have to be squared.

2) I am scared of bridges. I can work myself up to an anxiety attack over major rivers. We have flooding here regularly and even over water I know is only a few feet deep, if its very long at all I freak :)

3) I remember every single dream I have the next day, and I dream extremely intensely. Even though as a Christian I *know dream interpretation is up there with horoscopes...I still love to read up on meanings of dreams :)

4) Most of the foods I dont like are not because I dont like the taste, but the texture.

5) Cannot for any reason ever ever EVER stand to have my ears covered up. That one is recent and I have no clue whats up with it.

6) Sometimes I lay in bed at night and have these long paraNOID elaborate mom-worry storylike thoughts, and I get myself so worked up over what if's that I get myself bawling. But my sister does this too so maybe its not so weird LOL.

7) Hmm I am extra weird LOL. I am fascinated by a variety of misc. things. I would love to be more like a spiritual black woman-they seem so free, so close to God, so STRONG. I would love to be SCOTTISH. There is NOTHING more romantic than Scotland. I want to live by the ocean (but I hate sand lol). I want to be a hippie, but a Christian one. I want to be a spiritual black scottish woman living my the sea :) Sometimes I feel like I am still *waiting to get to MY life, like I am still stuck in circumstances of someone elses making and control. That in itself is probably very weird also LOL. Neat tag thanks Finn! NOW I tag Dianna, Jackie, Lois, & Randi!

Hawger gaining some mobility (and less mooooooooooooming)
SPRINKLETIME (spring lol)
WORMS FINN WORMS! you cant go fishing with out them! :)

xoxo melzie


A Flowered Purse said...

Shooooooooooo i can use shoooooo as number 4 LOL
Have a great sunday mel

Jeanne said...

"I want to be a spiritual black scottish woman living by the sea. Sometimes I feel like I am still waiting to get to MY life, like I am still stuck in circumstances of someone elses making and control."

Oh, Melzie, I love these thoughts!!! I still feel that way, and I'm old enough to be your mother! I think it's a female thing -- our lives are so much about other people. But if you can name all those things you'd like to be, then maybe someday you can work toward them. Or at least take that dream out every once in a while and yearn for it and admire it and be inspired by it.
(haha, well, I don't know about scottish or black, but you can work toward being LIKE those persons)
{{{A big hug}}}
Jeanne :)

Finn said...

Great job Melzie, on your "weirds"...LOL...I'll concede a little on worms, after all I did grow up fishing with my dad...but in general they freak me out. Especially after a rain and they come to the surface..yuk!!

Glad you enjoyed being tagged...*G*

NANCY said...

awwww and wow on the wierd dreams,i've been having a few before.I heard about being in that LUCID state can be very significant.
I had a dream/very real but had nothing to do w us.Some guys were peeking in at girls in apool and planning to rape them:( & i was trying to get the girls OUt of the pool but they couldn't see me:( it was awful!

No_Newz said...

You stinker! Okay, there are about a million weird things about me but I'll leave you with these six gems...
1. I can't back out of my driveway unless there is a good song on the stereo first.
2. I rub my feet agaist each other when I am tired.
3. My nose twitches like a bunny's when I laugh really hard.
4. Any time I have a sore or bruise, I always poke it and then say, "Man, that hurts" and then poke it some more.
5. When I walk by stangers outside at the mall, wherever, I hold my breath so I can't smell them.
6. And the weird thing I do that annoys my husband most is... if I dream he is an ass, I smack him or rip the blankets away angrily. He claims, "Lo, you were just dreaming." And I say, "Shut up!" LOL!
Lois Lane