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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, December 06, 2012

How Time Flies

How has 3 years flown by so fast?  He is so at that extremely fun age right now, where really random whimsical things comes out of his mouth regularly lol

Some of his birthday gifts. (Pardon the mess!  10 kids showed up an hour and a half early for his party!  Oh well 7 kids three were mine)

Speaking of time flying, this one graduates from Army Basic Training tomorrow.  Wasn't he 3 just yesterday or so??!

My extremely hard working sweet wooly hubby.  He's putting in tons of overtime for Christmas shopping money.

SO I am on blog giveaway overload.  I spent a TON of time on the Sew Mama Sew giveaways!  I hope it pays off in the form of winning lots o' goodies :)  I'll let ya know lol. 

Yes my Little Man had his 3rd birthday.  He will tell you now if you ask that he is twee.  He is so randomly fun lately :) 

Overheard at my house recently:

Mommy: Little Man,  blow
Little Man blows out his mouth
Mommy: no, your nose
Little Man blows out nose.
Little Man: you blowed me up!

Stepson: Little Man shut the door.
Little Man: I'm shootnin zombies! Boom Boom Boom!!

Little Man: birdy mommy!
Mommy: Do you see a birdy?
Little Man: A dragon birdy!
Mommy: They call those hawks too!

Little Man showing Mommy his coloring page:
Little Man: It's chocolate poop!
Mommy: Nice chocolate poop!
LOL I hope to keep some journal of them all :)  So much fun!
Yes you can see from the pics that my Soldier Son is more than handsome in his dress blues.   We really wanted to go to his graduation but 10+ hrs away is a bit much for our budget.  He is getting stationed only 3 hrs from home so that will be more doable for a visit either way. 

I hope to show some crafty or quilty posts soon lol!
xoxo melzie


A Flowered Purse said...

Mel I love Dannys shirt!! That pic of Jakie makes me lol, he does look like Carl! Tell him to stay in the house!!!! Love you!


Wow, I have sooo much to catch up on. I did NOT know your son was in the Army. He is so handsome and grown up. Your baby is 3... Where did the time go.? How is everyone else doing ? Oh, when you get time can you explain to me about Google plus ? Seems most are using it now, I'm out of the loop. haha.