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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

August Arrives

And it arrives here in a hot, hot way.  Supposed to be 100 today, 102 tomorrow.  We've had a somewhat unusually hot summer.  And boy does my electric bill show it.  I want to share some pics of the goings on this summer :)  Our summer visitor Baby Girl came to visit.  She used to be our neighbor, then they moved off 2 hrs away to the big city.  She comes down a couple weeks and remembers how to be a country girl ;)  When I look at this picture, I am SHOCKED at how big they are.  I have pics from when Hawger is 2 and Baby Girl is 4.  Eight and ten is a big leap, but she is an AMAZING young lady, poised, polite, and so so smart.
 And check out how creative!  She LOVES to sew, so I gave her like 3 yards of material and let her go at it.

way cool :)  She also sewed a patchwork pillow.

Lots of swimming so far this hot summer, including Little Man's first swimming trip :)  He was kinda "Eh" about it he's not so much of a water baby LOL
When it came time to get out the playpen, here is what it looks like.  Its second hand, and its CLEAN, just stained.
I did an online search for a cover, I believe the one I made came from Prudentbaby.com or some such.  I've never done elastic in a casing, so I had help ;)
And check out the adorable finished results!  I made two, they are adorable! (and for the second, I threaded my own elastic, that was super easy!)

My sister had her baby boy "N" over a week ago yesterday. Then on Friday he broke out in CHICKEN POX.  I'm still waiting to see if Little Man gets them.  I guess better to break out now than later when they ITCH incessantly, her baby isn't too fussy at all and he is covered.  Here are the two cousins, 10 months and 8 months :)

My Little Man turned 8 months yesterday.  Time is flying by and I cannot believe how cute he is, or how fun.  I also cannot believe how much his brothers just make all over him.  They fight over him sometimes, and they "call" him.  Like "I call feeding J his morning bottle!"  Its going to be very hard when they go back to school, and I have to do it all by myself LOL!

So that's several pics of our summer.  We went to the new local waterpark yesterday, First real outing WITHOUT Little Man.  The boys fretted over how he was doing more than I did LOL.  We've basically stayed in the house and kept cool this summer, but now its time to wind down, to wake up, to shop for supplies and get ready for a brand new year :)  xoxo melzie

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Shanda said...

Oh my goodness that last picture is soooooooooo cute. There all cute, but the last little expression is adorable. I can't wait to come home and really meet him. He was so tiny at Christmas, I want to see his personality and play with him.

See you all soon.