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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Friday, March 26, 2010


OK I've kept thinking about this with the open mindset of maybe MIB isnt evil. What if MIB is the "gatekeeper". Jacob representing *temptation* or *corruption*. I believe they are tied together and both tied to the island. Smokie seems to "judge" people. People who come into the temple/smoke/pool but who live seem to be "infected" or corrupted. Maybe Smokie kills the ones who have more evil on their soul so they won't be "infected". (maybe thats the reason the water was dark for Sayid, too much evil on his soul, too much temptation for him to be corrupted/infected..which he was.) Jacob admitted drawing people there, and admitted he's not supposed to directly interfere or speak to them. Then later breaks the rules more by visiting them. I think they'd both been there so long they both wanted released or set free. I think if we follow this idea that the candidate would actually be for MIB's job. Or maybe its a two person job and Jacob got tired of it and started drawing people to the island, and MIB needed to get one of them to kill Jacob so he could finally get his own replacement. Smokie could obviously be in the temple, because when Ben went there to be "judged" he was there, but apparently he couldn't kill the people until Jacob was dead (and so far smokie could only kill certain people, seemingly not 'good' people)

Jacob in the Bible was the 2nd brother of his twin Esau. Their mother prefered Jacob over Esau. Esau was a hairy man it says, and he being firstborn would have received his father's blessing and birthright. (in other words all the power all the land, crops, everything). When their father was old and blind he was ready to pass on the birthright and told Esau to go out and kill a goat and make him a soup and he'd give him his birthright. (ceremony involving a touch from the father and some words). Their mother, Rebekkah was listening, she told Jacob to put some goat skins on his arms (remember..Esau was hairy) and to make the soup and go to the father Issac and receive (ie: steal) Esau's blessing. So he did, and Isaac gave Jacob Esau's blessing. Once the blessing/birthright was given there was no taking it back. The brothers warred for many many years as a result. (remember how Fake Locke/MIB told Kate his mother was crazy?) Just on a side note, Jacob was the father of Joseph, the preferred son (coat of many colors) whose jealous brothers sold him into slavery to the Egyptians, but then he became a leader of the Egyptians, Jacob eventually found him and traveled to Egypt where he died of old age.

SO maybe Jacob and MIB have just been there so long (the island obviously has its roots in Egyptian culture, and the porthole off the island comes out in the deserts of Africa somewhere, probably close to or in Egypt) they want off, they want to be done, they want to quit.

I wonder what/who Widmore has behind the locked doors on the sub. Aaron and Ji Yeon? Desmond (to whom the time travel rules apparently do not apply according to Farraday)? Eloise Hawking? Michael/Walt? And so much is made of the parentage of so many Losties, we know all their parents. But not Desmond's..who is he really?

I enjoyed Richard's story for the most part :)

Since I started in Jan. I was watching like 1-2 episodes a day..this waiting all week is KILLIN ME lol. xoxo melzie


Aunt Jenny said...

I like your ideas! It is driving me crazy to wait a week too! We started watching it just in January too...our local library had all the seasons on dvd and then we got the fifth season from netflix'. I would be so confused and have an even have a harder time if I had watched them in "real time" it is hard to wait for Tuesdays!

Anne said...

Great post! I thought the same thing...neither are evil or good, just trapped and forced to care for the island. MIB gets tired of this, but Jacob likes the game. Question is, who does Widmore support - my guess is neither.