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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Friday, July 31, 2009


1. lie. sometimes the truth hurts. Sometime it hurts ME to tell it but I never lie :)

2. say no to food. sad but true, I can eat anytime, anywhere, I just cannot turn it down lol.

3. thought I'd have another baby! but yep, one is coming, he's kicking me right now ;)

4. save ANY money. I wish I did. well I don't wish it too hard or I WOULD ;)

5. miss a day of coffee. I get headaches if I do.

6. go a day with out my computer. addictive things arent they?!

7. like things uneven, or out of square. I'm a little OCD that way :)

8. like to make IRL new friends...this is kind of concerning to me, I've tried analyzing it but there is no clear explanation. Its like I drew a line and I have all I need THANK YOU lol. now online friends, I can make all day long..but I don't really like crossing over from online into IRL either. I have met a few online friends..but not very many.

9. hmm this is getting harder..I never sleep all night, have to get up and pee at least once (even when not preg.!)

10. get tired of finding new fun blogs to read ;) glad I came by yours! xoxo melzie

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Aunt Jenny said...

I love your answers!
I never:
1. Watch sports on tv..but like it in person..especially baseball
2. wear socks in summertime
3. go a day without reading for at least a little while..usually alot
4. "chat" on my cell phone. I use less than 30 min a week..and that is always checking in with the kids or them calling me.
5. like to change cars..I have driven the same old minivan for 9 years..and will likely drive it until it quits. I get attached
6. eat pasta. ick
7. Wear eyeshadow..ever.
8. Sleep more than 6 hours at night..and rarely more than 4.
9. hang out at home without an apron on.
10. Use paper plates unless we are camping or having a cookout...I hate them.
Have a great weekend!!