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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

update on J

Well J went back to school Jan. 5, did *ok* then Jan. 6 had a meltdown and wouldn't leave the nures office all day long. So starting Jan. 7 he has been on homebound via the dr. and school agreeing he needs more time to recover at home. He's having some physical symptoms, some emotional/behavorial. SO we went to the neurosurgeon today. They did a ct scan, and said all was draining well, in fact maybe too well. The scan wasn't very clear on it. We didn't get to see the actual dr (of course, even though they said I would so some kind of miscommunication there) but as you know sometimes nurses (assistants whatever) know as much or more lol. She wanted to turn the pressure back up to a 2. Well 2 was too slow, so *maybe* 1.5 is too fast. there is no 1.75 (I asked). So he is to see the eye dr. Thursday, hope and pray they can *fix* his eyes and see if that helps his deteriorating feeling of well-being/headaches as the day progresses each day. But now that she mentioned that, and I did some research on the symptoms it does sound as if this is the problem. She wanted to turn him up to 2 today..I wanted to wait on the eye appt. So if 1.5 is too fast and 2 is too slow I have no idea what they'll do, my best guess is put a different kind of shunt in. I have a bad feeling that overdrainage IS the problem but lets say a prayer the eye dr. will fix it instead of possibly another surgery. I am teetering very much on the edge of full blown depression. This is just so ongoing and so vague and hard to pin down right now. Please pray for him/me/us. Thanks xoxo melzie

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Shanda said...

Praying for all to get better. D came home from work the other day and ask how J was. He said he thought of him all day at work. His heart was broke at Christmastime after spending time with him and him telling him about haveing 3 iv's at the same time and such. That kid just melts him.
Love to all,