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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Yall I just have to share. We went from less than 3 wks ago to being so far behind that we were 3 DAYS from reposession of our van, and 3 mos behind on our house payment and facing imminent foreclosure and hubby being unemployed after 15 yrs...TO ABSOLUTELY BEING CAUGHT UP, yes caught up people. I am not behind on anything, and the only things past due are my phone by a few days and my electric by about a week, not concerning. I got a letter saying our adjustable rate mortgage was going up, from just $77 a month more PRAISE GOD, and saying our deferrment we applied for was APPROVED PRAISE GOD MORE. I had just mailed off a payment for the old amount and that will now apply towards Dec.! So I just have to send in the $77 difference! Our van, we refinanced hubby's truck to catch it up. The payments didnt go up much, but over longer period. We are going to work VERY VERY HARD to get our payments in on time for 6 mos. and then refinance at a lower rate. Its like now that hubby is where God wants him the blessings are just flowing :) And I have NO PROBLEM sharing the praises :) Its so exciting to see. Hubby really really likes his new job.

My 13almost14 yr old Wildchild has had HBP the last month and has an appt Dec. 11 w/a cardiologist. They did agree to let him go back on his adhd meds IF the school nurse will monitor his BP and fax daily results to the pediatrician. Good thing..today was his 2nd day of in school suspension this week. And its only Tuesday. So please pray for that..

My other prayer request is for a little girl named Kirsten age 3. She has had several tests run on cysts under her arms, and the run of the mill tests all came out ok, she has to know undergo tests for cancer :( I work with her grandma at Wendy's please keep this little girl and her tests (Fri) in your prayers, and pass it along if you can. Thanks :)

xoxo melzie


Aunt Jenny said...

Oh Melzie...so glad to hear all your good news and see your fun pictures!
I will sure keep praying for Wildchild and for Kirsten too!
Have a great week!!

Quilting Journey said...

Not everyone leaves comments, Melzie...in fact, most people don't. But I can tell you this, anyone and everyone who comes here, leaves with a prayer for you and for your family!