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Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First day of K for Hawger

This child yall has NEVER EVER in 5+ yrs had to get up before 7am. Most days he snoozes til about 9:30 or 10. Here he is after me trying 2x to wake him up :)

I'm not budging LOL

My boys :) Holy cow they are so big, so handsome, I could eat them up they are so sweet :)

Outside his classroom. There are 27! kids in his class. Bless his teacher's heart LOL

I think by this point he was ready for me to leave :)

Aww I bawled all night last night. It still wasnt as bad as last year (half day pre-k) last year it caused me actual anxiety and depression. I love ALL of my boys but Hawger is my sunshine :) He is so easy and so sweet and so genuine. Sometimes I worry I wrap up TOO much in his happiness, but for now it works for us :) I love you little man and I missed you!

Stay tuned for getting off the bus pics AND some deLISH cookies I'm making for an after school snack! If youre lucky I'll even share the recipe ;) xoxo melzie
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Rebecca said...

I think it's great you took photos of his special day. I almost wanted to cry thinking of my son going to Kindergarten and it's a couple years away but it sounds too close. Not to mention my daughter will be close behind. I wish you the best with the MRI & things you have coming up.