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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wow this is unusual LOL

Dont normally have my three plus hubbies oldest in recent pics

Went to IEP special services meetings all day today for Hawger (above) and Lovey (below). Hawger transitions to kindergarten, and is now dropping occupational (fine motor) therapy. I knew all he needed was practice. He will continue with 60 min. a week of speech therapy. He has a pronounced frontal lisp, an overbite thats almost a crossbite, (thumbsucker) and a slight fluency disfunction (stutter).

Lovey on the other hand speaks fine. Speaks way too big for his BRITCHES most days LOL. He goes into 5th grade next year and goes from switching up from 2 classrooms to 4. That means double the amount of teachers needing to know about his particular needs. He drops from 60 to 30 minutes of occupational therapy which means less time outside the classroom which is always a good thing :) He will have to attend summer school this year though.

Wildchild, what can I say about him. He is 13.5 and things he knows it ALL bless his mouthy little heart. He's had a lot of growth lately and has an appt tomorrow to (hopefully) up his ADHD meds.

And my stepson here, he turned 20 last week and dropped by for cake and dumplins. Hubby in lower left corner aint he cute hehe ;)

SO looks like we are set for next school year as far as IEP's are concerned WHEW. Now I need to get Lovey's 101 specialist appointments made for this summer which is an ORDEAL let me tell ya. Hope your day was good ;)

new school years
SUMMER BREAK its almost here!
Matthew Hagee
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xoxo melzie
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Kelli said...

Yeah! It's all under control :)

Shelina said...

It does look like you have everything under control, like Kelli said. I like how you showed us pics of the kids in their bedrooms. You can tell a lot about a person from their room.