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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hour a day progress and snaffu...

Ok I am squaring these up to 2.5 inches, but its taking off too much of my print and well it looks funny...

Is this normal? And will the seam allowance of joining it make it right again?

I mentioned to someone last week about this being complicated and it is to me, I am a very baby quilter LOL. I've never EVER worked with stuff this small before. So bear with me as I panic at least 7x a week.

Here is my sweet expectant momma. Doesnt she look funny? I think she's got about another 2 weeks or so. Thanksgiving week probably.

Are you going to vote Tuesdsay? Dont worry I'll remind you again :)

I am feeling alot better. I did still stay home from church today, didnt want to spread my germs. But my voice is back, and that is a very good thing :) I am almost completely caught up on the hour a day quilt but wanted to inquire about those off centered HST's first. :) I think I must be slow lol it took me longer than an hour per step I believe. Have a good monday tomorrow! xoxo melzie

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Leah S said...

The best hint I can give for smaller pieces is a SCANT quarter-inch allowance. Scant, scant, scant. Yes, you can chant that. ;)

My observations is that when the pieces are 1.5" or smaller, there really isn't ANY give. 2" and bigger, there's a little fudge room - you can stretch the fabric a fraction to make your seems meet and that kind of stuff. Not so easy to do with smaller pieces. It took me a few years to figure it out. :P

Have fun when the kittens come! :)

Susan said...

When you square up, are you putting the diagonal line that's down the middle of your square ruler on the seam line? If not, try that. You have to take a little off all 4 sides, not all of it off two sides, when you square up. Does that help?

ForestJane said...

That's one plump momma cat there! I bet she has them sooner... :)

Thank goodness mine are both 'fixed' so I don't have to worry about kittens.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Melzie! That's going to be so pretty and aaawwww, little Mamma is so cute. All three of my kitties are spayed and neutered and so is my Yorkie. Only the chickens are allowed to reproduce!

LauraJ said...

she does look kinda funny, in a cute sort of way. hee hee.

just keep trying them hst will figure themselves out. i am self taught as well. i learned by watching eleanor burns on pbs like 12 years ago. boy that was a long time ago.