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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, November 04, 2006

16x2=mature? I think not.

Last night my friend Michelle and her girls came by to visit. Since all the boys were gone rc car racing (no I didnt get any quilty stuff done, I cleaned my carpet for fun on a Friday night lol, and yes, I am still sick that sound you cant hear? Thats my non-voice),
us girls got a little silly :)

My best friend Michelle and I :)

Her and her girls.

Woohoo its a wild and crazy Friday night here ;)

Let me pause here and tell a story. After I finished my carpets last night I drove over to the Burger King, Italian Chicken is back (for a limited time!) and I wanted one. I ordered and had this coversation when I pulled around to pay:

Nice Young Male Employee: "Hey did you know they had these sandwhiches like, a long time ago?"

Melzie: "Why yes, when I was 16 my first job was at BK and they were out then and I loved them"

NYME: "What was that, about 14 yrs ago?" (bless his heart for UNDER estimating at least)

Melzie: ::calculating furiously:: "No 16 yrs ago"

NYME: "yeah they told me it was before my time."

Melzie: "How old are you (you young whipersnapper, ok just thought not said lol)?"

NYME: "17"

Observing a shocked moment of silent for my LONG AGO YOUTH Melzie replied: "OMG YOU WERE ONE WHEN I WORKED AT BURGER KING" (please throw away this sandwich and give me all the chocolate in the building as I am now an old depressed woman, oh wait just thought not said) So I ate my Italian Chicken (for a limited time!) and large ice water (no caffeine after 5pm for this old broad) and contemplated how fast time flies. Then I came home, and my friend came by, and we took these pics, and well see for yourself...

Now tell me...does this not LOOK the picture of mid-thirties maturity? I THINK NOT ;)

Memories of a fun first job :)
Friends to make new memories with as we go for our NEXT 16 yr round ;)
Italian Chicken (for a limited time!)

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RANDI said...

I think it looks more like mid 30s fun! :)

Susan said...

Yes, it does. =) Just wait until another 16 years go by and your babies are having babies. =)

Oh, BTW, BK has that Italian Chicken for a limited time. I think you better scoot over there and get one before they're gone. =)