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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Sale...the sweetest words I can hear!

Tomorrow (Mon.) is a fairly big sale at Hancock Fabrics :) I've made my list, checked it twice! Here's what I am going for:

Thread (notions 50% off)
Rotary blades (notions 50% off)
Browsing rulers (again notions)
Machine needles (notions)

Mundial scissors are 50% off going to browse those

Mtn. Top fleece prints are 3.99 a yrd + I get my mom's 20% discount
Absolutely cotton, Kona cotton, Quilter's cotton, and Wendover cottons are all 20% off + my mom's 20% discount

Fabrics I am looking for are:
solid earthtones (stash)
solid pale limey green (for a quilt for my church for a door prize)
purple prints (stash)
pink prints (stash)
also for some solid red, solid green, solid yellow and checkered for to make Hawger some flags.

I also have a 40% off coupon for an one fabric at regular price, + 10% more of my mom's discount (...depends on the cashier really, hopefully I'll get one that will take 20% off the whole bottom line, some of them only go up to 50% off total who knows)

My budget is around $100 but I'd like to spend alot less. We'll see it adds up fast LOL. SO thats where I will be at 8:59 a.m tomorrow! xoxo melzie


RANDI said...

Have fun spending your wad of cash! With such a great sale you will probably get tons of stuff!

Mrs. Moody said...

If you happen to see anything that looks like I couldn't live without you could always pick it up for me. I have a pile started of things that I would like to send over your way. :)

jpquilter said...

hope you had fun at the sale - maybe you got something to use with those cool swap blocks - looks like a fun sampler in the making - Juliann

Ann said...

Sounds like a fun day in store for you! I wish I had a Hancocks and/or Joann's closer than Springfield! (approx. 75 miles). I'm catching up on blogs this morning. Love your swap blocks and your new table! Wanna come clean MY sewing room? hehe.