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Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, August 10, 2006


Ah here we are in the still hopeful I can do and conquer this stage!

Had 155 miles of continuous biding wallering everywhere so I wound it around an empty paper towel holder, much easier.

Well much like marriage here it is..for better or for worse (its worse..but its done)

Would you like a detail of the horror?

Luckily enough its a PRACTICE QUILT it has no purpose other than to sit around and be pitiful looking. Now...I have a REAL quilt, a BEAUTIFUL BABY QUILT (whose baby is 2 mos old already but thats neither here nor there) and I need to bind it. I'm scared :(

How wide do you cut your binding?
How do you do it, is it easier to do sides seperately or this continous mile long stuff?


We've almost totally stuck to our budget!
We paid our tithes this week on faith, knowing that was grocery money we were putting in (ok I KNOW its God's lol) anyways, I had to pay $70 dollars to keep the electric on, so I called to get the exact amount...and it was only $14. Apparently a payment had crossed with the shut off notice and so that saved me $60 which OF COURSE was the aprx. amount of the tithes! Thanks Lord ;)
My laundry hampers and sock basket are EMPTY thankyouverymuch I busted my hiney to get those done yesterday :D

Have a great Thursday, I get to go tromp around the jr/sr high for 7th grade orientation :)
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Patti said...

I make my binding about 3/8" wide finished, so I cut the binding itself at 2 3/8". The rule of thumb is 4 times wider than the finished width, but I find if I add an extra 1/8" it's easier to turn the corners smoothly. I always do continuous binding - much easier to make nice looking corners. I always use the straight grain unless I'm binding curves or wanting a stripe to be diagonal in the binding.

Miriam said...

thanks for the posting tip on my blog! wrapping the binding around is an old quilter's trick - so i guess that means you're a natural. we've all had that binding NOT getting sewed in on the other side. it's all very normal, and how you learn! the quilt is very cute and you'll always smile when you look at it as you progress. good luck and happy quilting!

Susan said...

Your little guy is darling. =) They do grow up fast. Good news on the tithing and grocery money! How many times I've learned the lesson, and yet how hard it is to have the faith. We are just so slow, we humans!

Binding - I make mine 2-1/4" to 2-1/2", depending on the project and how wide I want the finished part. I fold it in half, place the raw edges on the raw edges of the quilt, sew it down all around, but on the front only. Then I turn the folded edge to the back and sew it down by hand. I have never liked the way it looked trying to sew both by machine at once.

But mostly, I hand the quilt and the binding to my friend Moira and have her do it. I hate binding. =) There's a book called Happy Endings which shows easy ways of finishing quilts, including the way I described, but it has pictures and is easy to follow.

The Calico Cat said...

the mile long stuff is actually easier - those corners are awful otherwise.

2.5 wide... But I don't mind a "pflange" on the back....

With all of that said, I dislike that part so much, I just pay the long armer to attach it!

(My stance may be forced to change...)

RANDI said...

Great quilt! I cut my binding about 4 inches wide and fold it in half so it ends up being 2 inches wide. I cut enough for each side separately.

The "comment already" button cracks me up! What a funny face!

Shelina said...

I use 2 and a half inch binding, continuous. Fold it in half and sew the raw edges to the quilt. Just throw all that extra on the floor, and it stays out of the way okay. The continuous does make it easier to turn the corners. I always hand sew the back down though. If you want to machine sew you could try pinning it first, or maybe gluing it down with washable glue, to make sure it catches on the back side.

Anonymous said...

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