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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Hey guys whats up today? I am cleaning, rearranged my living room (yeah right in the middle of my having company week lol go figure). Got our satellite turned back on (yay for budgets lol), so had to rehook all that stuff back up. Been trying to hawg tie the hawger man down he wants to walk @@. Been fielding off drama my mom is TRYING to start and I refuse to let her. I am through. UMM having trouble sleeping, only sleeping about 3 hrs a night and even that is not continuous. Hubby getting 10 hrs a day this week so my alarm start going off about 4:50 a.m. Fixing to make dumplins for my auntie and uncle to come eat tonight :) Only my baby sister and her baby little E coming, probably my mom @@ who invited her LOL. My other sister cant make it. SO keeping house clean and cookin dumplins thats about it! Hope you're all having an excellent day :D xoxo melzie

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A Flowered Purse said...

Send pics of your rearrangement woman!!
Love and miss you
Your sisser poo