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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Goodies :)

My hubby's aunt passed away several months ago, and the family has slowly been going thru a huge house crammed FULL of a lifetime of STUFF. Last weekend my MIL called me and said we could come go thru her house, bring the van because if it was still there no one wanted it, and what was left after the weekend was either getting burned or going to goodwill! So hubby and I went. I got 3 very nice (old) dressers..my kids for the first time EVER have their OWN DRESSERS! Matter of fact I have one extra now! Got a few wall pictures (cottage pix, but I have NO where to put them lol, I may pass those on to one of my sisters). I got a couple of odds and ends things like some dishtowels, and some slotted spoons, a paring knife. Then we got to the basement. O M Gosh! FABRIC! OLD FABRIC! I got 3 boxes of fabric! Yay! She was an avid quilter, all her life. So I just had it piled in boxes and went thru it today. The sweetest thing in there is a assortment of sunbonnet sue/sam templates, cut out of cardboard and old paper sacks :) She had made each of her grandkids a SS/S quilt at their birth. The templates have tons of pin holes thru them :) There are little notes on there such as how many blocks needed for a twin size quilt etc. Some of the fabric I THINK is old feedsack but I am unsure how to know. Its definitely old, and has almost a uphostery feel to it but not quite so rough. Some very cute Christmas fabric print of sunbonnet sue...I never even knew she quilted until after she was gone :( makes me sad! But happy her stuff didnt go to goodwill :) Have a good week! xoxo melzie

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Susan said...

Oh, yes! Her stash went to someone who obviously appreciates it, who considers it a windfall. How jealous I am. =)