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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Monday, May 29, 2006

Sharing my holiday :)

I cant remember if I said before, but Luvey got a horrible blister on the bottom of his foot, and it got infected. Had to go to the ER convenient care Sat. and he has oral and topical antibiotics. (Prayers appreciated). At any rate, that put us going ANYwhere this weekend to an abrupt halt :) He has to keep it clean, dry and stay OFF of it. So we just hung out here. Pics to follow :)

I've had some time to sit back and reflect lately, and this whole healthy walking eating issue has made me stop and think of more than just that. I feel in a very good place mentally right now (LOL) and I am grateful for it. I love having my blog here, for my own benefit of putting my thoughts in order, sometimes I delete a whole entry, but the use of it is the same, to help organize ME. Ok enough deep stuff, on to our pics :)

Our central "hub" for the day. Hubby bbq'd out back, then it got turned into the "pits" for rc car racing :)
Luvey, poor whining thing LOL cant get up and play around
Closer view of their "toys". As you can see Hawger got his cast off, he is turning his leg in a bit and curling his toes. Need to call the ortho and mention that tomorrow. He also dressed himself today LOL shirt too small, shorts too big.
Here is my Elmira Gulch bike I got at a yardsale :) I LOVE this bike I can actually ride it! (I am 99% uncoordinated, but good for laughs LOL))

Ok thats all the pictures for now! Off to get my slowly grilled baked taters off the grill, then for a nice walk :) Have a good week all! xoxo melzie


A Flowered Purse said...

I love your bike melzie!
Praying for Jordan

No_Newz said...

Lots of prayers always your way, sweetie! Looks like y'all made the best of being home. Love the new healthier you. And that bike, woohoo!
Lois Lane

Jackie said...

Hey lots of prayers anywhoooo, I pray for all my blogger friends!!! Brie broke her arm on Tuesday, so I understand the fun of staying home!

Love ya,

Jackie said...

Hey lots of prayers anywhoooo, I pray for all my blogger friends!!! Brie broke her arm on Tuesday, so I understand the fun of staying home!

Love ya,

Susan said...

I love your bike! After not having been near a bike, let alone *on* one, in at least 15 years, I bought a $10 Schwinn 10-speed from an old guy here in Lemmon who rehabilitates old bikes. It's in great shape, the price was right.

I could not believe how uncoordinated I was on it! I keep thinking I was going to fall right off, couldn't watch traffic and where I was going at the same time! Fortunately, there *is* no traffic here. Then my DH asked me to get off so he could see something.

Things don't bend as well as they once did and I didn't get my leg high enough. That caused me to fall, and the bike bounced off my ankle bone. I laughed, because I fell in the grass under the tree, missed the roots sticking out of the ground, and didn't break anything. But the bone still hurts, 2 months later, and the bruise covered the whole side of my foot for 3 weeks, in lovely colors.

Not many people can say they fell off the bike when it wasn't even moving! But at Gettysburg, I fell off a bench that wasn't moving, either, so what can I say.