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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


May I please have some CHEESE with my WHINE?! I dont feel good today, and yesterday and night I fought with my sweet hubby, was mostly me crabbing but he reacted very hatefully too SIGHHHHHHHHHH. And...I called to put my dog up for sale in the paper today...just TOO MUCH STRESS and I cant sell the husband...lol.
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Took a cute pic of the kittens last night, they are 4 wks old tomorrow, going to intro them to food this week. I am sooo tempted to keep the big black one, he is a playful BEAUTIFUL lil doll. If he takes to litter easily I MIGHT but I REALLY DONT NEED the hassle :)
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I hope these pics dont come up too big. I used all my Flickr space and photobucket doesnt let you resize (I dont think lol). Ok the kids named the kittens! Orange tabby on the left is Aztec, (male) White in front (female) is Sqeak. Light orange in the middle (female) is Pocahontas (Hawger's fave movie lol). The black on the right is (male) Blackie. The one in the middle (black male) is my favorite, havent picked a name yet, in case we keep him. Kids tried to call him Spook but that doesnt grow on me yet.

Well I wont bore you with my troubles other than to say prayers please. I am wondering if I dont need to get some kind of sugar check. I had gestational diabetes with Hawger, which ups your chances later, and my grandpa had diabetes all his life. Plus me being "fluffy" ups my chances also. I have several symptoms of it...I dont have health ins. though so who can afford an out of pocket visit. Oh well its a new day tomorrow :) Maybe I'll feel better and not be so CRABBY. (HUBBY HOPES LOL)

~cold water to drink
~lots of sewing done lately
~quilt blogs ;)
~Jesus having new mercies daily...

xoxo melzie


No_Newz said...

Water will help your sugar levels balance out and help you loose some fluffiness. Also, don't you know anyone who has a home blood sugar testing kit? And one more thing, do you take a daily vitamin? In your picture below, I'd guess you have low iron, dark circles and light pink mouth pigment would tell you it's low. I see the dark circles now open up and say ahh. ;)
Don't let the money pit get you down sweetie. Your health is much too important. Take a daily vitamin, One A Day with Weight Smart is my personal favorite.
Sending big hugs and lots of good vibes. Hey, am I first? ;) Love your heart.
Lois Lane

Finn said...

Oh dear melzie, some days everything is so far down it looks like up..*VBS* Hang in there and just keep putting one foot in front of the other one, eventually it works..just like the cleats..*S*

Comments above from no_newz make a lot of sense to me, I'd say give it a try. Worst case, is there a county nurse's office you could go to? I don't know much about your area.

A Flowered Purse said...

Girl, i didn't know you were gonna put frasier up for sale.
I know that was a hard decision for you
mega hugs and hope you and danny are nice nice again