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If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be.
Now put foundations under them.

Henry David Thoreau

Friday, April 14, 2006

Sharing some pics of what I've been doing!

First let me say HI to everyone who stopped back by! Then let me say this blog took 3 DAYS for the new post to show up for me! That other blog I tried out updated INSTANTLY and man its slow here LOL.

Ok here is a pic I've promised Randi forever and ever!
And here are two other lil practice quilties I've worked on lately~
The pinwheel quilt I LOVE! I think I did awesome picking the fabric for it. The black frames it out very nicely :) The 2nd one well...the similarity of the prints really washed it out but its still pastelly and very cute, both of these are backed in fleece and I will tie-quilt them. The purple/green well again I am not 100% pleased with my fabric choices but I am learning LOL. Its backed in fleece and loosely machine quilted.

Finn, you mentioned not knowing what kind of quilting I am doing..I want to try them all! I machine quilted one a few mos ago and HATED doing it I got poked with a million pins and was so frustrated. (its done but for binding). I want to learn to hand piece and hand quilt but alas the pics online dont help me learn very well LOL. OK well I have those two quilts to tie then I am starting a very simple (probably going to be a checkerboard) care bear quilt and I have another baby shower next weekend I have to get something done for (ack) and HERE is a pic of why I am getting NOTHING MUCH done lately!
Yep here is Hawger in all his moo'ing glory :) have a blessed Easter all! xoxo melzie


RANDI said...

I love all the quilts!

On Blogger, sometimes you can click "refresh" on your webbrowser and the post will show up--I have had the same thing happen but my daughter informed me about the refresh thing! Thanks goodness for kids who know what they are doing!!!

Jeanne said...

Hi Mel! Whoops -- I missed something or two :)
Didn't know you'd come back over here.
And I'm so sorry about your poor little guy's leg! Hope there won'T be a need for surgery.
Happy Easter despite your invalid.

Finn said...

As a young mom with young kids, give yourself credit..you are doing just fine...*VBS* And ya, basting with straight pins is rather dangerous to the fingers and arms!! But you haven't given up..so that's good..*S*

Yes, like Randi said, hit that refresh square up on your tool bar, it'll bring up the newest post for you. Happy Easter